SA Farmer kills 13 EFF members who tried to invade his farm

A Free State dairy farmer, Kobus, has been arrested and charged with murder after he shot dead 13 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members who had occupied his farm and threatened his family.

According to records, Kobus, has a 1 250 hectares farm which he mainly used for dairy farming. The incident happened in mid November. The farmer is said to have been woken up by noises and toyi toying at his property and was shocked to see close to 20 people wearing EFF regalia telling him to leave the farm.

Kobus was born and raised at the farm and his great grandfather built the farm and it was handed over to generations before him.

The violence quickly escalated when an angry Kobus fetched his gun and fired warning shots. Not to be deterred, the EFF members are believed to have retaliated by throwing stones and moving towards Kobus’ house.

Things quickly took a turn for the worst when Kobus opened fire on the invaders. The aftermath saw, 13 EFF comrades, 9 of which were men and the rest women, lying dead in the dust as the remaining protesters ran away with their lives.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call from Kobus himself and he was arrested on scene and charged with man slaughter.

He will appear in court soon.

Source : LiveMonitor

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  • Ek sou se dis sommer kak. As iemand in my erf kom kak hy. Die regs stelsel is moertoe!!!!!

  • Black South Africans are threatening not only white farmers but the food supply of the country. They are the ones that should be charged!???

  • It is absolutely absurd that people can just invade your privacy and your property to think that they will be able to take which is not allocated to them. The lies that has been spread about the land that has been stolen by the whites, is out of the pit of hell. Go and lie it at the door of colonialism and the English people who instigated this issue many moons ago when SA was in a war .. go and check the history books .. you will get the right version …

  • He protected himself and his family. That is basic instinct and a human right to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones…. By any means needed.

  • hoekom word hy vir moord aangekla, of moes hy nou eers gewag het dat hulle sy familie ryp, slaan, wurg en al sy goed en besitting deur die gat trek, hoe de hel???????

  • In all probability and honesty, had he not defended himself and his family, they would be the deceased. We all know the demise of the white farmers. There was no other option available to him, in my opinion.

  • They deserved to be shot. He has a right to defend his property from these violent thieving bastards! Well done Kobus!

  • Is that what it has come to in SA now…you cannot protect your property and family but the perpetrators can do what they wish and nothing happens to them…how can Kobus be had up for murder if in turn that is what the EFF were prepared to do…what a very sad and tragic situation?

  • Why arrest him everyone has the right protecting his family you want to tell me that it is fine for the eff and anc to kill our whites but when we stand up and fight back you arrest the whites but you leave the blacks to do even more damage open your eyes die he protected his family if he did not do this they would have killed them and than the police would have doen nothing about it ?

  • I would like to see what the court is going to do… taking in consideration the farm murders taking place on a daily basis. This man protected his family and property, and even if there were women being shot, they were at the front-line demanding forced removal witch is the same as hi-jacking a person. I believe this guy has acted in his rights.

  • He was defending his family… Why arrest him??????? If he didn’t act quick enough they would probably of killed Kobus and his family or beaten and tortured them….
    Let him go…
    It’s rite that the farmers are fighting back.. Why must he just surrender that that was has been in their family for generations?
    If they want land then go purchase it the legal way….

  • We should stick by him. Every last white person. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They can kill the farmers as much as they like but when a man stands up for what is his an his famiky he gets charged with murder we reqlly do not want to live like this anymore without the farmer there will be no food it is sick what is becoming of this beautiful South africa

  • No surname or details, or police involvement. This sort of fake news just inspires racial hatred without giving perspective.

  • So if cobus did not shoot and kill the EFF members whom threatened him and his family, telling him to leave his farm, they would have killed him and his family and than they would not be arrested because they are EFF. what were they doing on private owned property without the police… This is the aftermath of a leader leading his people to death just because he wants to get rid of white farmers, well hope your eyes will open up Mr EFF, the farmers and citizens of south africa is tired of the constant threat you are trying to pose. Well done to Cobus whom had warned them and when it failed protected his land and his family. Kill trespassers and EFF when they threaten your life and those of your family on your own property. burn the bastards wich got killed for a rotten leader and let them burn on earth and in hell…..

  • Oh he was sepose to wait for them to kill his family ,take his farm and destroy it as the got no idea to run anything, what to say a farm

  • We will shut this site down. Either retract this article or face prosecution for malicious and inciting reporting. An apology to all South Africans is required. You have 12 hours.

  • Good Kobus if we are just going to allow people to come and steal our land our constitution means nothing they where illegally on the premises with the intention of murdering Kobus and his family he has every right to have killed them if the police was there when they illegally entered the premises the police would of arrested the EFF members and if they showed violence towards the police the police also would shoot them

  • I’m no racist, but if people (black or white) threaten my family or farm i would kill every last one of them! It’s time farmers took action! If you want to behave like a animal, you will be killed like one!

  • whay should kobus get arested when he whas ackting on self defence..if it was me i would also shoot.we all know what would have happend if he did not shoot..what were they doing on his farm.they have no right to be there anyway,..

  • Protecting his property and family, self defense – I am sure that the law in this country; the law that is correct and true, will uphold the unfabricated truth and find him not guilty to murder/manslaughter. Should this countries laws be led by emotion, racism and disregard for the whole truth then I truly feel sorry for this farmer.

  • He was defending himself and the family why arrested him

  • Malema should be charged for those 13 ppl murdered! He incited the actions so he must pay for it!!!

  • Malema should of been arrested at the time he stood up and enticed this behaviour. We all, within reason, have the duty to protect our families and properties. In this instance they, the eff members, were warned by the farmer, but the eff rather chose to ignore his warnings and started to attack the farmer and his family and farm property by throwing stones. The Farmer did right by his family and by the constitution. That is, to protect our way of life from those that are there to steal, harm and take a life. This is exactly what the eff members were there for. Sorry, but they were at fault and actually pulled the trigger themselves. The government of this country must realise that most of the population of this country are tired of the corruption, dishonesty, theft and total disregard for the country, its infrastructure and its people. The people will retaliate when pushed too far.

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