Wicknell sued for $500k

Image result for wicknell chivayoSunday Mail Features and Opinions Editor Garikai Mazara has filed a $500 000 lawsuit against businessman Wicknell Chivayo over alleged defamatory WhatsApp messages.

In a claim filed in the High Court today, Mazara is demanding $500 000 damages for injuria and interests. Chivhayo has 10 days to respond to the summons. He allegedly hurled insults and obscenities at Mazara saying, “Urimbwa yemunhu unofa uchishupika. (You are a dog and you will die poor).”

He went on to critique Mazara’s profile picture insinuating that he was HIV positive. Read more

Zimbabwe prints $102 million in bond notes, half its limit – state newspaper

Zimbabwe launches "bond notes" currency in bid to ease cash crunchZimbabwe’s central bank has printed half of the ‘bond notes’ quasi-currency it intends to issue under a $200 million scheme, a state newspaper reported on Friday, as the country grapples with a biting shortage of U.S. dollars.

The notes are intended to be pegged to the U.S. currency but fears have been raised that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) would print more than planned, undermining their value.

Long bank queues have persisted since the bank introduced bond notes last November with the moribund economy desperately short of dollars. Read more

‘I will consider re-joining Zanu PF if they win 2018 polls’ – Norton MP Mliswa

The new Norton MP Temba MliswaZimbabwe: Former Zanu PF chair for Mashonaland West Temba Mliswa has made a u-turn on earlier vows he will never go back to Zanu PF, telling journalists in Bulawayo weekend he will consider rejoining a party that expelled him if it won next year’s elections.

Mliswa was in 2015 expelled along with several party bigwigs who included then Vice President Joice Mujuru for being part of an alleged plot to dethrone President Robert Mugabe.

His expulsion saw him lose his seat as party MP for Hurungwe West.

Through his outspokenness against President Mugabe’s dictatorial rule and tacit approval for high level corruption in government, Mliswa miraculously warned his way into the hearts of Mugabe’s opposition rivals. Read more

Cops accused of robbing late Apostle Chiriseri to appear in court

Image result for pastor chiriseriTWO police officers and a fire fighter are set to appear in court for allegedly searching and stealing $200 which was in the pocket of the late founder of His Presence Ministries International Apostle Charles Chiriseri following an accident that claimed his life last year.

Apostle Chiriseri died at the 388KM peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway last September when his vehicle hit a donkey.

The late apostle was travelling to Bulawayo with his wife pastor Pertunia Chiriseri who suffered serious injuries and was admitted in hospital for about a month before she was discharged. Read more

How Zim Police arrested robbery Gang that stole from JHB Airport in 2001

Image result for zimbabwe police

File Pic

Bragging and going on a spending spree is the last thing any self-respecting heist kingpin should do.

The alleged heist kingpin who bought himself a R5 million Lamborghini after the OR Tambo International Airport robbery posted pictures of his new toy on social media.

If he is guilty‚ he could have evaded the law by following the news. If he did‚ he would have seen this story on Times Media at the beginning of March: Remember the R115m airport heist in Johannesburg 16 years ago? This is how the robbers were caught. Read more

UPDATE : ZRP updates list of OFFICIAL traffic fines

ZRP Vehicle Inspectorate.

Anyone who feels cheated has a right to call the National Complaints Hotline on +263(0)47036311 where their complaints will be attended to immediately.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police recently also launched a national WhatsApp hotline where members of the public can register their complaints to the police via Whatsapp. The ZRP National Whatsapp hotline number is +263782475000.

Meanwhile, below is a list of OFFICIAL fines that guilty motorists must pay as far as Zimbabwe Government’s Traffic
Regulations are concerned.

I recommend that you print this charge sheet and keep it in your car.


Fail to Display current vehicle licence: $5

Fail to produce documents within 7 days to Police: $5

Fail to produce documents within 7 days to VID: $10

Licence vehicle registered vehicle-all classes: $10

Fail to Display registration mark and Number Plate OR its illegible: $10 Read more

Donald Trump’s $1.1 trillion budget that puts #AmericaFirst

Image result for donald trumpToday, US President, Donald Trump released a $1.1 trillion budget outline that proposes a $54 billion increase in defense spending offset by deep cuts to the State Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as dozens of other federal programs.

Republicans on Capitol Hill applauded the ramp up in defense spending and cuts to non-military expenditures in President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, while Democrats argued he was jeopardizing programs critical to American families. See the complete Budget Outline HERE

Tich Mataz has case to answer – Court

Veteran radio personality Tichafa Augustine Matambanadzo, popularly known as Tich Mataz, who is accused of trying to smuggle clothes and shoes from China has a case to answer, the court ruled yesterday.

Harare magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube dismissed Matambanadzo’s application for discharge at the close of the State’s case. In his ruling, Mr Ncube said the State managed to prove a prima facie case against him.

“It is not in dispute that the accused arrived at the International Airport aboard Kenya Airways from China,” said Mr Ncube.

“It is again not in dispute that he used the green route instead of the red route. He declared that he had five suits, yet 10 suits were found during a physical search.

Read more

‘Police demand bribes for kombis’ safe passage’

File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe

Commuter omnibus operators have to pay bribes to the police for safe passage even if they have proper documents.

Failure to do so results in them being arrested and prevented from operating, the court heard yesterday.

Giving evidence as a State witness in a case in which the officer-in-charge of Mbare Police Station Violet Sigauke (55) stands accused of taking a bribe, Reuben Chimanja said it was impossible for commuter operators to operate without paying the bribes.

Sigauke’s trial commenced yesterday at the Harare Magistrates Court and continues on March 24. Read more

Major blow for debt-ridden Mutasa

Major blow for debt-ridden MutasaFormer cabinet minister, Didymus Mutasa and his wife, Getrude Sthembile Mutasa’s urgent chamber application challenging the attachment of their property over a US$27 000 debt from outstanding legal fees has been thrown out by the High Court.

Mutasa allegedly owes Nyakutombwa Mugabe Legal Counsel for services rendered in 2015 when he was challenging his ouster from Zanu PF.

The Sheriff of the High Court attached a Range Rover Sport and several other household movables from his Umwinsdale home to auction it and recover the debt.

Mutasa is contesting the amount. Read more

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