Nelson Chamisa on the verge of becoming Zimbabwe’s youngest President – Who is this young man?

The leader of the MDC hopes his youth could propel him to an unlikely victory in Monday’s elections.

Nelson Chamisa, who turned 40 in February, is old enough by only a few months to be president of Zimbabwe under the constitutional minimum age limit.

But he hopes that, come Monday, his youth will be the force that propels him to election victory against all the odds.

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Chamisa joined the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as a student when it was founded in 1999. Read more

Biti party loses ballot paper challenge

Image result for tendai bitiThe People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by former Finance minister Tendai Biti has lost its bid to compel the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to change the composition of the ballot paper that is set to be used for the presidential candidates in the forthcoming general elections set for Monday next week.

High Court judge Justice David Mangota delivered the judgment, dismissing PDP’s application on Thursday this week, saying the political outfit’s application was devoid of merit. Read more

Chamisa needs to win 66% of undecided voters to avoid runoff

According to the latest Afrobarometer survey, the presidential race is now tighter as MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has closed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s gap down to 3 percentage points.

Chamisa is now projected to get 37 percent of the vote compared to Mnangagwa’s 40 percent. 20 percent of the voters refused to reveal their preferences or are still undecided about who to vote for.

A measly 3 percent confirmed that they will be voting for the rest of the 21 candidates combined.

According to Afrobarometer, the opposition leader needs to win 66 percent of the 20 percent who are undecided in order to get 50 precent + 1 votes in order to avoid a runoff.


‘Stop tormenting Mugabe’ Chamisa tells Mnangagwa

Image result for chamisaMDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration to stop tormenting former president Robert Mugabe.

Chamisa said that despite Mugabe’s shortcomings, he deserved respect as one of the nation’s founding fathers. Speaking at a rally in Marondera, Chamisa said:

The father whom you travelled with for 56 years, Mnangagwa you being the personal assistant, you remove him from power unceremoniously and condemned him, yes we were happy for him to go because we also wanted him to go, but when he has rested stop stressing him, why are you tormenting him leave him alone. Then we move forward with our country. Read more

Mnangagwa likely to win the election even without cheating London University Professor

Image result for stephen chan soasAuthor and Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Stephen Chan has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa looks set to win the July 30 elections.

Chan who teaches on African Political Thought said that Mnangagwa was likely to continue former president Robert Mugabe’s legacy of winning elections. Speaking to SOAS Blog, Chan said:

This one is going to be historic simply because of his absence. But I think that his party and his successor President Mnangagwa will probably win. The opposition has not had a very good beginning to its campaign. Read more

Harris Chiyangwa remanded in Custody for Bank Card Cloning

Image result for card cloningPhillip Chiyangwa’s nephew Mike Harris Chiyangwa was remanded in custody by Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa after being arrested for the third time on allegations of cloning people’s bank cards.

Mike, who is the son of Chiyangwa’s late brother Jimmy “Jimalo” Chiyangwa is facing multiple counts of fraud and unauthorised possession of debit cards. He was remanded in custody pending bail ruling after the state opposed his bail. Read more

‘If I dont win the elections, then its not free and fair’ – Chamisa

Image result for chamisaMDC Alliance leader and presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has said that he is so confident of victory that if he loses the July 30 Polls then he will know that the election was not free and fair.

We are telling everyone, Sadc, Europe and the US that we want a free and fair election.

I know that if I don’t win then it’s not a free and fair election. We want a people’s government. The bullet must be guided by the ballot. Politics must be controlled by the people and politics must control the gun…They say I am young but I have asked how old (Vice-President Constantino) Chiwenga was when he joined government. Read more

Soccer Legends match flops

Image result for Legends match flopsONLY a handful of supporters were on show at the National Sports Stadium to watch the match between Zimbabwe Legends against the World Class Legends yesterday, which the tourists won 5-2.

Organisers of the event, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), had — like the last time when an almost similar event was staged — hoped to get another full house.

Paying supporters filled the same venue to the brim in November last year when the Warriors Legends played their Barcelona counterparts.

But an estimated 5 000 attended yesterday’s match at the 60 000-seater stadium.

MDC Alliance fails to field candidates for 90 local Government seats

The opposition coalition the MDC Alliance has lost 90 local government seats before the July 30 harmonised elections after it failed to field candidates.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube confirmed the matter saying,

I cannot give you the figures off the top of my head, but we did not field candidates in just under a 100 wards.

There are various reasons including individual candidates failing to provide up-to-date rate accounts and the confusion on the day of the nomination court as well as prior to it. In other areas, we just messed up. Read more

Chief Charumbira refuses to apologise for supporting ZANU PF

Fortune CharumbiraNational Chiefs Council (NCC) leader Chief Fortune Charumbira has refused to comply with a High Court order ordering him to apologise and renounce his support for Zanu-PF.

The constitution says that traditional leaders such as chiefs must be neutral and impartial.

Charumbira has instead challenged the High Court order saying it was erroneously arrived at.

In his court papers, Chief Charumbira said:

I have been cited as the first respondent in the principal proceedings. As already indicated above, one of the capacities in which I am cited is in my personal capacity.

In my personal capacity, I have committed no infraction of the law whatsoever. The application against me in my personal capacity is therefore completely misplaced. Read more

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