Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Insults God

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calls God ?stupid? and a "son of a bitch"Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked controversy in his country after he called God “stupid” and a “son of a bitch” for the concept of the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

Duterte, an open critic of the Catholic Church was addressing a summit in Davao City on Friday, where he questioned God’s logic in the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

“Adam ate it then malice was born. Who is this stupid God? Istupido talaga itong putangina kung ganoon (That son of a b**** is stupid if that’s the case),” he said, reported Rappler. “You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work,” he added. Read more

US border patrol chases five immigrants to their deaths in Texas

US border patrol chases five?immigrants to their deaths in TexasAt least five people died and several others injured as an SUV carrying more than a dozen people crashed while fleeing from Border Patrol agents in South Texas.

Dimmit County Sheriff, Marion Boyd said the SUV went out of control at more than 100 mph and overturned on Texas Highway 85, ejecting those inside.

Texas Department of Public Safety(DPS) officials also confirmed that four were pronounced dead at the scene on Sunday, while the fifth person died at a hospital. Read more

Bill Gates Wishes his dad Happy Father’s day

Bill Gates celebrates his dad on FatherBillionaire Bill Gates took to Instagram to celebrate his dad, William Henry “Bill” Gates, on Father’s Day.

He shared the photo above with him and wrote:

‘My dad and I share the same name. After starting Microsoft, people used to ask him if he was the real Bill Gates. I always hope he says, “Yes.” I hope he tells them that he’s all the things the other one aspires to be. Happy #fathersday to the real Bill Gates.’


HIV positive man arrested for allegedly infecting over 200 women in Italy

HIV-positive man arrested for infecting over 200 sexual partnersA 36-year-old truck driver from Ancona in Italy has been arrested for allegedly passing on HIV to women via unprotected sexual intercourse.

A spokesman for police in Ancona said today that 35-year-old Claudio Pinti had been arrested two days earlier in Italy.

It is believed that the suspect who traveled all over Italy for work might have consciously passed on the deadly virus to more than 200 sexual partners. Read more

Rihanna intruder told cops he was at her house just to have sex with her

Image result for RihannaA man was tased and arrested after he broke into Rihanna’s house on Wednesday. After his arrest, the man told cops he was only there to have sex with her, not to steal or harm her.

Eduardo Leon, 26, disabled Rihanna’s alarm system and entered into her house, where he stayed at least an entire day. He spent Wednesday night at Rihanna’s house before he was arrested on Thursday morning after Rihanna’s assistant found him inside her L.A. area house.

Rihanna intruder told cops he was at her house just to have sex with her

Rihanna apparently wasn’t in Los Angeles when the intruder broke in. The police say Eduardo made himself at home and even charged his phone and unpacked his bag as he waited for her return. Read more

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