General Sibanda demanding to know who authorised deployment of army in Harare

Image result for General Philip Valerio SibandaCommander of the Defence Fences (CDF) General Philip Valerio Sibanda is reported to be demanding to know who authorised the deployment of armed soldiers to break up protests by opposition supporters last week.

Sibanda is also said to be demanding to know the identities of the soldiers who were caught on camera wearing masks and patrolling the streets of Harare.

International publication Bloomberg, reports that it received the information from three senior government officials who said the general is yet to receive answers. Writes Bloomberg,

General Philip Valerio Sibanda asked for an explanation from President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa, his advisers and intelligence chiefs of the events on Aug. 1 that left six people dead in the capital, Harare, and raised questions about who controls the security forces.

No one shed light on what happened, according to the officials, who have details of the Aug. 3 meeting but asked not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to comment

…At the meeting with the president, Sibanda, a respected figure who commanded a multinational peace-keeping force in Angola, also wanted to know the identity of armed men dressed in ragtag uniforms that were shown on social media beating people and riding in military vehicles.

He said publicly that no Zimbabwean soldier was ordered to fire on unarmed civilians and no such directive would ever be given.

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