Former Tourism Director now a Spirit medium

Abandoning the lucrative hospitality business to assume her new task as a spirit medium and traditional healer was not an easy one for Dr Manake.

The Victoria Falls based spiritualist who believes in the power of the marine spirit said she has found peace in her new world where she claims she carries the Nyaminyami spirit and conducts healing sessions along the mighty Zambezi river.

Life is all about finding one’s calling and fulfilling the mission for the good of humanity.

The path to one’s calling is an evolving process.

For former director with a once popular and vibrant hospitality enterprise in the resort town of Victoria Falls Dr Manake, the path to her “calling” was no easy one.

The spirit medium and traditional healer who was comfortable as a businesswoman said her efforts to ignore persistent whispers for her to quit the job ended up in vain.

It was on the turn of the millennium that the former director finally gave in to the persistent calls to become a traditional healer cum spirit medium.

“I used to operate a ten bedroomed lodge and established a successful tour company little did l know i was scaring wana sekuru. I consulated and was told i carry a spirit. I said the best thing is to follow the spirit,” said Dr Manake.

It was not easy for the resort town community and friends to get to terms with the rebranded Dr Manake.

The traditional healer said she carries a powerful spirit which has enabled her to become a peace maker for her clients among them tourists from the region.

“We do get into the underworld depending on the level of spirituality. I carry one or two spirits. I carry the spirit of the Nyaminyami iri pana Zambezi and when l get there ndinongonzva ndichida kupinda,” she said.

Having followed the root of spiritualism, Dr Manake who also calls herself a prophetess reminded Africans to always thank their ancestors.

“We need something which moulds us starting with our culture. Why should we deny communication with our ancestors? God will appreciate people if they follow the pattern from which they come from,” she noted.

Call her controversial or not, the spirit medium and traditional healer said she does not regret abandoning her business for spiritualism.

Not even the current rebound of the tourism industry will persuade her to desert her shrine.

Source: ZBC

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