‘I turned down sexual advances from producers to record my first album’ – Ice Queen

UPCOMING dancehall artiste, Georgina Mutambariko — known as Ice Queen in music circles — said she has had to spurn sexual advances from male producers as she battled to release her music.

Ice Queen told NewsDay Life & Style that several producers have asked her for sexual favours before they could produce her debut album Tariro neNyasha, which features Trevor Dongo and Boom Berto of the Munodonhedza Musika fame.

“I came across such producers, who asked for sexual favours but I had to say goodbye (to them).

I have never allowed anyone to take advantage of me to get my music recorded,” she said.

“I am here because I remained principled, hardworking and the support from my manager Jirvaldo. I don’t believe letting my body be abused will make me famous in the industry, but hard work and faith in God will take me far.” Read full story

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