Soul Jah love was denied UK Visa because of £9000 unpaid Hospital Bill

Image result for soul jah loveAFROKINGS who are the organisers of the Zim Connect ’18 concert in the United Kingdom revealed that Soul Jah Love was denied entry into the country because of medical fees owed to the U.K. National Health Service (NHS).

As a result of the development Tocky Vibes was slotted in to replace Soul Jah Love.

In a statement, AFROKINGS appeal to Soul Jah Love’s fans to help settle the bill which is believed to be around £9000 so that the Zimdancehall musician can be allowed entry into the UK. 

His visa was unsuccessful as a result of outstanding payments owed to the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) following an emergency hospital admission in 2016.

If there are concerned individuals or organisations interested in pooling funds to settle the payment arrears, please get in touch with the AFROKINGS team.

Our team will redirect you to an independent third party who will be responsible for handling the settlement.

Source: Zimbuzz

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