Morgan Tsvangirai in ECU after going on hunger strike in protest to bad treatment of his wife

Related imageAiling opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been placed in the intensive care unit (ICU) after going on a 10 day hunger strike due to the alleged ill treatment of his wife Elizabeth Macheka by his relatives.

Elizabeth has been barred from seeing her husband by senior figures within the Tsvangirai family who, according to a leaked audio tape in Daily New’s possession, have also seized Morgan’s diplomatic passport.

The publication reports that Tsvangirai has been diagnosed with a kidney tumour which is in an advanced stage and has grown into the liver.

The ailing opposition leader wanted to travel back from South Africa where he is receiving treatment to stop the factional fights in his party but one of his brother Manase seized his passport.

Below is the conversation between Tsvangirai and his brother Manase:

Manase: Taurai zvamunotaura mukoma asi passport hamuiwani (You can say what you want but you won’t get the passport). Iri pairi, haina kupiswa (It’s somewhere, we haven’t burnt it).

Tsvangirai: Do you know it’s a criminal offence?

Manase: It’s a criminal offence tozviziva (we know).

Tsvangirai: Ndipei passport yangu. Ini ndiri kuti ndipei passport yangu (Give me my passport), what’s the problem?

Manase: Zvauri kutaura iwewe (What you are saying), you are right, isusu we are also right,.

Tsvangirai: This passport is a new passport, it is a diplomatic passport and I may want to use it.

Ndipei passport yangu ndigare nayo. Asi kana mavakuti mavakuita zvamavakuita, ini handichaidi. (Let me keep my passport. If you don’t want with it, then I don’t want it anymore).

Family spokesperson Makuvise told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday Tsvangirai cannot return home because he was undergoing treatment.

Source: Daily News

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