Bongani Huni: A Calculated Risk from Teaching to Tourism

“I resigned after 16 years of teaching to focus 100% on growing my business. I felt something of a hypocrite as our tag line at Vertex is ‘live your dream!’ and there I was crippled by fear of not having enough financial security to be a full-time entrepreneur.”

Entrepreneurship for Bongani Huni came later in life and was born out of frustration and a desire for a more holistic approach to education in her native Zimbabwe.

The French-teacher-turned-entrepreneur launched a destination management company – Vertex International Tours with two goals: to boost tourism in Southern Africa and enhance the quality of learning in Zimbabwean schools through educational tours to Europe for teachers and students alike.

“Although I hold a Bachelors in French and had been teaching the language in private schools for many years, I had never had the opportunity to visit the country. It really bothered me.

I guess you could say it became my mission to give teachers and their students the chance to travel, and definitely there was a gap in the market so the idea for Vertex was born.” Read full story here

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