ZANU PF to amend constitution to 2 terms for president and scrap one centre of Power

Zanu-PF secretary for Legal Affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said that they are looking into amending the party’s constitution to synchronise the tenure of its First Secretary and President with the provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and they will also review the one centre of power principle and disciplinary processes.

He said that the party wants to make sure a presidential candidate only serves two terms in line with the provisions of the country’s Constitution. Cde Paul Mangwana said:

We then also need to align the constitution of the party to the Constitution of the country, especially with regards to term limits.

If the national Constitution says a President shall be elected for two terms to run a country and if the party constitution says the party president elected at Congress is the Presidential candidate, you may have a situation where the party then elects a President who has served two terms and therefore no longer qualifies to be national President.

There is no harmony between the party constitution and the national Constitution. It is one area which needs to be revisited as to how you harmonise that.

The last Zanu-PF Extraordimary Congress resolved to do away with the one centre of power principle.

Source: Herald

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