Acie Lumumba expelled from VIVA Zimbabwe

Image result for acie lumumbaIn a Facebook-live video, Viva Zimbabwe spokesperson Patson Mashingaidze said the party’s executive decided to fire its founding chairman Acie Lumumba for belittling other opposition parties and also because of his intentions to rejoin Zanu-PF.

Mashingaidze said that he will be taking on the position of interim chairman until the executive sits down again to make deliberations on way forward.

Am sure you have seen some posts on social media and have been asking questions as to what’s going on with Acie Lumumba.

The executive sat down last Thursday to discuss the issue of chairmanship of Viva Zimbabwe and came out with a unanimous agreement to expel and divorce itself from Acie Lumumba publicly and with immediate effect.

Source: Open Parly

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