Impeachment: The ultimate humiliation

Robert and Grace Mugabe (archive shot)Zimbabwe’s Parliament is due to convene within the next 30 minutes to begin impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe.

Impeachment is the ultimate humiliation for a president. Lawmakers act as jurors, convicting him of various offences.

In the 93-year-old’s case, he is accused of being “incapacitated”, and of allowing his 53-year-old wife, Grace Mugabe, to usurp his presidential powers.

Usually, when the ruling party – or parliament – want to remove a president, they go for the less humiliating option of passing a no-confidence vote in him.

But Mr Mugabe’s opponents – who have rallied behind his sacked deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa – have decided to go for the kill.

Source: BBC

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