Mid-air terror as engine on Air France jumbo flying from Paris to Los Angeles DISINTEGRATES above the Atlantic Ocean

The Airbus A380, file photograph, was forced to divert to Goose Bay in NewfoundlandAn Air France Airbus A380 was forced to divert after part of its engine started to break up over the Atlantic ocean.

The pilot of the four-engine aircraft was forced to head to Goose Bay in Canada after part of the engine cover blasted off while flying six miles above the Atlantic ocean.

Passengers took photographs of the engine  while the aircraft was above the Atlantic

After shutting down the aircraft’s number four engine, the jet, which was on its way from Paris to Los Angeles was forced to land on Canada’s east coast.

According to Airlive.net the aircraft lost the cowling on its number four engine.

The aircraft was flying around 38,000 feet when the incident happened.

The jet is powered by four Engine Alliance engines, which the manufacturers claim offer $6 million in savings a year with a lower fuel burn, greater range and larger payloads.

The Air France Airbus A380 suffered extensive damage of its number four engine, pictured

According to the company, its GP72000 engine is ‘engineered for greater reliability and the lower maintenance costs that come with it’.

Of the almost 200 A380s in the skies, 125 are powered by Engine Alliance engines.
The 7-year-old jet landed safely in Goose Bay in Newfoundland.

Goose Bay is the first airport available for large aircraft in North America when flying from Northern Europe.

MailOnline has requested a comment from Air France and Engine Alliance for comment.
Airbus, who manufactured the jet, told MailOnline to contact their airline.

Source: Dailymail 



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