Photos: Meet 50-year-old little Indian man who is only 29 inches tall

Basori Lal 50 years old but stands just 29 inches tall after an unknown medical condition caused him to stop growing aged just fiveFrom behind, Basori Lal could be mistaken for a child – standing at just 29 inches tall.
But in fact he is 50 years old, and has become a celebrity in his village, located in Madhya Pradesh province, India, because of his short stature.

Basori says he was not always celebrated for his short stature – and had to overcome bullying in his younger years – but has now been dubbed a ‘hero’ by his proud family. 

His brother, Gopi Lal, 55, who is of average height and lives with Basori, explained that the family feel blessed to have him .

He said: ‘People from different villages come to our house to see my brother. That’s a blessing for us. We feel proud that people love and care for Basori.’

And Basori himself is quite happy with his unusual stature.

Basori said he was bullied for his height while he was younger, being called 'an alien' by others, but says his stature is now a source of pride

He said: ‘I don’t have a problem with my height. I work, live and sleep like other people. I also eat like normal people.

‘Whatever I am is okay. I don’t face any problems because of my height.’

But Basori had faced prejudice over his height earlier on in life. Read more


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