Zakaria in drive to evade pirates

Nicholas ZakariaVETERAN sungura musician Nicholas Zakaria’s romance with the Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah) is set to pay off after the latter’s plan to sell off as many copies of his forthcoming album as possible during tomorrow’s launch at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza to circumvent pirates.

Zibah is overseeing the launch, production, marketing and distribution of Zakaria’s 27th studio album.

Zibah chairperson Takemore Mazuruse told NewsDay yesterday they want Zakaria to capitalise on this project since he did not reap much from his previous work due to piracy.

“With the dedicated team we have on board, we are aiming to push volumes of Nicholas Zakaria’s forthcoming album on the first day of its release before piracy takes its toll to rip-off the musician’s efforts,” Mazuruse said.

“We are optimistic that we will be able to achieve this on the release day as we have put up systems to ensure that fans across the country will be able to get the CD at $1 on the day of its release.”

Other musicians, including Alick Macheso and Jah Prayzah, have gone the same route before with positive results on their latest offerings, Tsoka Dzerwendo and Mdhara Vachauya respectively.

The 60-year-old Zakaria was ecstatic over the latest developments and appealed to his fans to buy original copies of CDs once the album is out.

“We are happy to have people, who appreciate our talent and have heard our pleas to help us to release and launch this album,” he said.

The launch will rekindle the stage romance of raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and Andy Muridzo, who had cut it off after washing the dirty linen of their alleged sex shenanigans in public.

Several other musicians, including Progress Chipfumo, Tryson Chimbetu, Cindy Munyavi as well as Charles and Olivia Charamba, will also grace the launch.

On the album, Zakaria has collaborated with his former guitarists Macheso, after they split two decades ago, younger brother Zakaria Zakaria and fellow sungura musician Simon Mutambi.

Macheso is featured on two tracks, playing the bass guitar on the song Mira Pako and adds his vocals on a Chewa track, Mwambo (Law), while Mutambi is featured on Sarudzo.

Source: Dailynews

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