Econet loses 400 000 subscribers in 3 months

OVER 400 000 subscribers deserted Econet Wireless Zimbabwe between July and September last year, latest Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) statistics have indicated.

Econet was the only one of a three-member league of mobile telecoms providers to report falling numbers in active subscribers during the period, according to the POTRAZ report.
It said the slide in Econet’s active subscribers dragged the combined sector total southwards.

Econet controls close to 50 percent market share of the 20 million subscribers on the three mobile phone networks, which include its State controlled rivals, NetOne and Telecel Zimbabwe. Read more

‘Why I returned home’ – Pastor Evan Mawarire

Image result for thisflag pastorJust before returning to Zimbabwe, Pastor Evan Mawarire spoke to journalist Simon Allison in the US about why he’s going home, what he is going to do there, and why he doesn’t mind being labelled a regime change agent.

Pastor Evan Mawarire is not sleeping very well, and he’s got good reason to be nervous. “I only get a few hours a night at the moment. I stay up thinking about what is going to happen to me when I arrive,” he said at the time.

After six months in exile in the United States, Pastor Evan Mawarire is going home. Pastor Evan, whose eloquent, emotional Facebook video calling for change in Zimbabwe ushered in a new era of resistance to President Robert Mugabe’s regime last year, returned to Harare on Wednesday. Read more

MDC leader Speaks on arrest of #thisflag Pastor

The callous arrest in broad daylight of Pastor Evan Mawarire came as no surprise to those of us who have always known that a leopard remains faithful to its spots.

This is vintage Zanu PF and the message coming out of this arrest is that Zanu PF will go for broke in the campaign ahead of the next election. The world must brace for impunity and violence against the innocent citizens of our country. Read more

Zanu PF MP fingered in fuel tankers scam

Terence MukupeZanu-PF legislator for Harare East Terrence Mukupe has been mentioned in the fuel scam involving four tankers that entered the country with 140 000 litres of diesel purportedly in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose contents were emptied in Chitungwiza and replaced with water.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority did not charge excise duty for the fuel at Forbes Border Post after being duped the cargo was destined for the DRC. This prejudiced the State of $55 650. Read more

I am not ready for marriage: Ammara

Rumours have linked Ammara Brown to several relationships. The 29-year-old musician’s affair with Roki was probably the most talked about and she admits they were an item. Besides the Roki issue, Ammara does not want to respond to other rumours about her private life.

She even refuses to disclose the father of her five-year-old son Khameel Fayaaz. It is the other side of her life and not for public consumption, she says. Read more

#ThisFlag protest pastor arrested on return to Zimbabwe from U.S.

#ThisFlag protest pastor Evan Mawarire arrested on return to Zimbabwe from U.S.

A Zimbabwean pastor, accused last year of trying to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s government after calling for protests, was arrested at the airport when he flew home from the United States on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

Evan Mawarire was previously arrested and charged last July, but was freed by a magistrate’s court which said police had not followed procedure. Read more

Nigerian soldier jailed for killing civilian

Nigerian soldiersA Nigerian soldier has been jailed for seven years for shooting dead a civilian at a market in the city of Maiduguri last year. The soldier, who was not identified, was found guilty of manslaughter.

In court, he argued that he acted in self-defence after the man he killed, named as Umar Alkali, tried to wrestle his rifle from him. The military court rejected this argument, deciding that he had used disproportionate force. Read more

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