Fired Macheso band member begs to come back

Veteran instrumentalist Donald Gogo, who was fired by Alick Macheso over indiscipline last week, has called for dialogue. Gogo was dismissed along with rhythm guitarist Tafi Nyamuda and dancer Forward Antonio but he argues that he is still part of the country’s leading sungura outfit.

He also dismissed rumors that they have since assembled a new band called Orchestra Kuseri Kwazvo. The alleged new outfit is being linked to former Macheso manager William Tsandukwa.

“As far as I am concerned, I am still part of Orchestra Mberikwazvo and I called for a meeting with Mdara (Macheso). I will share (with you) details of the meeting but my heart is still with Mberikwazvo,” said Gogo.

“Yes I admit that there were reports from Macheso that I am no longer part of his group but I need to talk to him before I accept that. And as for the rumors of forming a new group, there is nothing like that,” he said.

Gogo was not part of Macheso’s band that performed at Extra Mile Leisure Spot on Sunday. The others fired turned up for the show but were not part of the stage. Macheso’s camp, however, insists that they have already made a decision barring dramatic twists.

“As far as we are concerned, Donny (Gogo) and those other guys are no longer part of the band. If he insists to be still with us, we will see and as well make it public,” said publicist Tich Makahamadze.

Macheso on Sunday endorsed the dismissal of the trio saying he stand guided by his management. However, critics believe Gogo can be pardoned since he is the only senior member who stood by Macheso when he was dumped by key members Noel Nyazanda, Jonas Kasamba and Obert Gomba who went on to form Extra Kwazvose.

Source-H metro

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