Arnold Schwarzenegger disagrees with Trump on the Muslim ban

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that 'it's crazy' that the ban was so poorly executed and leaving people in transit strandedArnold Schwarzenegger may have taken over Donald Trump’s role on The Celebrity Apprentice, but he firmly disagreed with the president on his temporary ban of people from seven majority Muslim countries coming to the US.

‘I think the real problem is that it was vetted badly. If they would run this by the Justice Department and Homeland Security and had the lawyers really study and focus on it and give it some time to do it the right way…’

‘I know what he’s trying to accomplish – his fear about people coming in from other places, causing harm to the country. There is another way to going about it to do it the right way and accomplish all of the goals. I think they were hasty with it,’ he told Extra’s Mario Lopez on Monday.


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