Advocate Fadzai Mahere responds to Police Commissioner Chihuri

Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, has opened up on corruption in the police force he has been at the helm of for years. However, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, begs to differ with Chihuri’s public statement. Below is her account;

1. Commissioner General Chihuri admits the Police are corrupt but blames it on the public! No sir, the Police are meant to uphold the law, period. There can be no excuse for corruption by the Police. In fact, it’s criminal.

2. He said the money collected from road blocks is insignificant. No sir, $57 million is not insignificant. It’s 19 times more than your recorded allocation from Treasury. If it was insignificant there would be no roadblocks.

The police are unable to attend to dangerous crime and accident scenes lamenting a lack of transport or resources but they are always able to set up roadblocks. This is because roadblocks raise money while other means of policing don’t. It should not be this way.

3. The Commissioner General states that the Police have no funding for uniforms and for their “projects”. So is fundraising at roadblocks the answer? Surely not. The Police have no legal mandate to raise funds in this way. This is the function of ZIMRA.

4. Sanctions are to blame for the economic woes, he says. No. The Government has failed to manage the economy. It has killed productivity and it is grotesquely corrupt. Where is the diamond money?

How come those at the top did not face a drop in their lifestyle when the sanctions emerged? Why has agricultural productivity taken a nosedive? It’s a matter of regret that he’d elect to offer such an insufficient explanation for their combined failure to run things properly.

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